Size-Inclusive Activewear

100-Percent Size Inclusive. DAY/WON is the first fully size-inclusive activewear brand in the United States. Period. Every single piece is available in sizes 0 through 32 with no exceptions. All of our styles use the best performance, sweat-wicking, compression, antimicrobial fabrics and are marathon-tested. We know that fitness isn’t a size, it’s a lifestyle, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Sustainably Made in the USA. Who run the world? Girls—and Mother Earth is our number-one. When you purchase DAY/WON, you are helping to save the planet. We use recycled materials in our signature looks and manufacture on-demand in upstate New York to ensure that we do our part to reduce to 26 billion tons of wasted clothing that fills our world’s landfills each year. All of our prints are digitally constructed, never water dyed, to prevent the over-use of precious resources and the polluting of our oceans. Here for You, Babe! No relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself and we exist to support your biggest dreams and greatest goals. DAY/WON is driven by the idea that anything you do in your day that makes you feel like your best self is a “day won.” Our clothes are designed to empower you do absolutely anything that makes you feel strong and unstoppable. DAY/WON challenges you to push outside your limits—just know that we have your back no matter what.