Energy + Wellness Boost Shot

A powerful energy + wellness boost in every shot. GO BIG is the world's first energy + wellness shot, combining the best attributes of each type of shot into something that is exponentially better. In an industry focused on (superficial) outcomes, we believe that the journey is what's most important. Everyone wants to be better in some way. Whatever you choose, we believe you should go for it. Embrace the journey. That's what we mean by "GO BIG". We founded GO BIG because we were tired. Coffee wasn’t cutting it and energy drinks were filled with chemicals we didn’t want in our bodies. Then we discovered the magic of guarana seed. It gave us the kind of energy we needed - smooth, powerful, and focused. And it was completely natural - a seed from the Amazon rainforest packed with polyphenols, caffeine, and theobromine, a compound that counteracts the negative side-effects of caffeine. Guarana was a game changer for us. We mixed it with superfruits and botanicals to create the daily boost of our dreams. Our purpose is to help people make positive transformations. Transformation requires action, and action requires energy. We created a wellness-boosting, all-natural, functionally-superior, better-tasting energy shot to power daily action. So that you can be you, only more so.