Kickboxing Fitness App

Subscribe Monthly | $12.49 USD At home kickboxing fitness guaranteed to make you sweat! No equipment needed. BEGINNERS WELCOME New to kickboxing fitness? Our trainers will guide you step by step with fun and empowering workouts and techniques. EXTREME BURN This isn’t your average cardio session…Kickboxing Fitness has been shown to burn up to 750 calories in a single hour! Wowza! TAILORED Select intensity levels and duration of each workout (15 to 60 minutes) so you can get fit on a busy schedule. STAY MOTIVATED The OOMPH Club is a great way to connect with your friends to help you to stay motivated and accountable during each step of your fitness journey. PROGRESS AND TRACKING All of your workout stats are recorded in OOMPH, including your estimated calories burned, your average estimated heart rate and your workout start times and durations. Easily track your progress towards earning your next belt and save your favorite workouts for future reference. You can even keep tabs on your weight and record photos as you watch your results take shape.