4pk Ripcords

$83.99 Ripcords resistance bands are an all levels exercise product that can help build lean muscle, prevent injuries, burn fat and get you in shape. Following the Circuit 7 workout DVD you can learn new exercises and train with a fast paced circuit workout routine to burn maximum calories. The kit includes the Ripcords standard door anchor for home and on the go use turning your door into a cable machine to perform many additional full body exercises. The Ripcords 4 pack is ideal for higher repetition training using medium and lower tension resistance band levels for fit, lean, and toned muscles. This kit is great for rehabilitation movements including rotator cuff injuries and range of motion and flexibility training. All Ripcords bands are made with the highest quality rubber and feature our exclusive ergonomic rubber handle for comfort and durability. The Ripcords 4 pack Includes:x1 Yellow Ripcord, x1 Orange Ripcord, x1 Green Ripcord, x1 Red Ripcord, x1 Door Hook, x1 Circuit7 Ripcords, and instruction booklet.